You are the greatest value we have so we care about giving you your safety and peace of mind when you work.

That’s why our cancellation policies regarding customers are strict but fair!

They try to ensure that your time is paid in the right way. For this reason we also charge the customer 100% of the service in case he does not cancel the reservation in time.

On your side there are the procedures that you have to follow and that are perfectly recorded by our systems so in case of early cancellation our algorithms will do everything on their own according to predetermined parameters.

But if you don’t see the customer here’s how you have to behave:

At the time of the time indicated in the booking if you are already at the address indicated and have tried several times to contact the customer without having an answer strip the button “Customer on board” wait 15 minutes (without moving) from the indicated time and if the customer did not arrive and you could not hear, at the sixteenth minute you can swipe the button “close service” going to specify “Payment by credit card” at this point the service you will be paid 100%.


We cannot take action to remedy your mistakes if you click “paid cash” button the service will not be counted and you will not find it in the weekly statement.