Exclusions from the platform2022-07-02T17:03:00+02:00

We at Ncc.it dedicate attention and respect to our partners…

Sometimes a customer can ask you for a return service directly without going through the app.

This is strictly prohibited as expressed in the contract that you find on the page “Company profile” of the Dekstop version of the platform Ncc.it.


If a customer declares to have received your business card or your private number, the amount of the service performed through the app Ncc.it on his behalf will be totally deducted from your weekly payment.

In addition, your account will be suspended for the first time for a period of 30 days and if this happens again you will be permanently removed from the platform ncc.it.

Lost and found2022-07-02T16:56:57+02:00

It can happen that during a service the customer leaves something of his property in the car and that it must be returned.

In this case, the app allows you to call him for 10 minutes after you have closed the service with the “END OF SERVICE” button if ten minutes have passed and you do not know how to contact him you can fill out the following form and we will put you in contact with him as little as possible.

Penalty for customer cancellations2022-07-02T16:53:58+02:00

You are the greatest value we have so we care about giving you your safety and peace of mind when you work.

That’s why our cancellation policies regarding customers are strict but fair!

They try to ensure that your time is paid in the right way. For this reason we also charge the customer 100% of the service in case he does not cancel the reservation in time.

On your side there are the procedures that you have to follow and that are perfectly recorded by our systems so in case of early cancellation our algorithms will do everything on their own according to predetermined parameters.

But if you don’t see the customer here’s how you have to behave:

At the time of the time indicated in the booking if you are already at the address indicated and have tried several times to contact the customer without having an answer strip the button “Customer on board” wait 15 minutes (without moving) from the indicated time and if the customer did not arrive and you could not hear, at the sixteenth minute you can swipe the button “close service” going to specify “Payment by credit card” at this point the service you will be paid 100%.


We cannot take action to remedy your mistakes if you click “paid cash” button the service will not be counted and you will not find it in the weekly statement.

Behaviour in the car2022-07-02T16:51:07+02:00

Dear partner we know you are extremely professional!

But we like to always remember what we want to offer to our customers, so we ask you for essential precautions to perform your job at best.

  • Keep your car clean and efficient
  • Being polite and professional with passengers is essential
  • Your work clothing is our first business card (Always use dark clothes so be as professional as possible)
  • You load the luggage of customers in the luggage compartment
  • Do not smoke on duty
  • Do not use your mobile while driving
  • Do not interrupt the service unless requested by the passenger
  • Our partner support channels are reserved exclusively for you, do not share them with customers

By clicking on the logout button you will exit the app, of course all your data and your information are recorded in our data base but to return and use the services of the app you will have to log back with your credentials.

Problems to download the app2022-07-02T16:45:52+02:00

To download the app you can connect to the following pages depending on your device:


Apple store

Play store



Apple store Driver

Play store Driver

Standard rates2022-07-02T16:36:21+02:00

In this section you will find the standard rates:




  • Price per KM 1,20
  • Price per minute 0,30
  • Cost of call 4,50
  • Minimum cost: 13,00



  • Price per KM 1,30
  • Price per minute 0,50
  • Cost of call 5,50
  • Minimum cost 15,00 €




  • Price per KM 1,20
  • Price per minute 0,55
  • Cost of call 7,50
  • Minimum cost 14,00 €



  • Price per KM 1,60
  • Price per minute 0,70
  • Cost of call 8,50
  • Minimum cost € 16.00

Rates may vary at the discretion of Ncc.it based on events, times, days or activities.

What do I need to book2022-07-02T16:34:19+02:00
  • DATA
  • HOUR
  • Flight, train, ship, if any
What do I need to register2022-07-02T16:31:26+02:00

First the system will ask you to enter your mobile number, with which you intend to request journeys. Once entered we will send you by SMS the confirmation code, which you must write in the appropriate space that will be presented.

Once confirmed the code you will access the page where you enter the password you will use to access the platform Ncc.it.

In your profile you can enter all the company data to receive automatic invoices from the system.

Set the date and time in the app2022-07-02T16:29:29+02:00

On the main screen called “New Journey” you will have the option to set the date and time of the service.

Side to the middle box called “Where are we going?” Click on the calendar (the gray button) will open a screen where you can enter your ride up to 5 days in advance , once set the time also confirms all by clicking on “Confirm”.

You will return to the “New Journey” screen and in this case the calendar will be colored orange, this means that the ride has been booked at a different time than the current one


If you don’t schedule your journey for a specific date and time, the system will create an instant journey.

Choice of car2022-07-02T16:27:25+02:00
Journey confirmation2022-07-02T16:25:57+02:00

You can find a summary of the journey details before confirming it, plus you can add some important details for the driver in the “NOTES” field.


On this screen you can select from those already registered or enter for the first time the credit card you want to use to pay for the service.

Favorite places2022-07-02T16:23:21+02:00

To make the selection of places you go to more frequently faster, we give you the opportunity to set them on the main screen in such a way as to make the planning of the journey faster.

Press “Home” or “Work” to set your usual place.

Minimum age to use the app2022-07-02T10:54:54+02:00

You can book a ride any individual who has already turned 18 years or otherwise minors (maximum 16 years) with authorization and delegation including identity document of the parent or guardian.

Animal transport2022-07-02T10:48:29+02:00
Timetable of the flight International2022-07-02T10:46:46+02:00

For international flights airlines recommend the presence at the airport at least two hours before the departure of the flight, we calculate almost always a maximum hour of journey when we have to reach airports inside the city (type Linate or Ciampino) or slightly distant type (Fiumicino). If your departure is from a more distant airport like Malpensa, count an hour and thirty of road. So your driver will have to pick you up three or three and a half hours before your flight departs, depending on where you leave from.

National flight timetable2022-07-02T10:44:50+02:00

For domestic flights airlines recommend the presence at the airport at least an hour before the departure of the flight, Ncc.it we almost always calculate a rough hour of journey when we have to reach airports inside the city (type Linate or Ciampino) or slightly distant type (Fiumicino). If your departure is from a more distant airport like Malpensa, count an hour and thirty of road. So your driver will have to pick you up two or two and a half hours before your flight departs, depending on where you leave from.

Journey type2022-07-02T10:42:13+02:00

You can book your ride to the destination you need.

Our partners can take you to the airport, stations, harbours, destinations within the city, mountain resorts, seaside resorts, cities of art or other nations.

I’m a smoker2022-07-02T10:40:21+02:00

Sorry…. in all our means is no smoking!

It wouldn’t be respectful to the customer after you…


Most of our customers are private companies, multinationals or public entities with which we have business relations.

In your profile set up the account as “company” and start registering all your employees by providing them with credentials to enter the site and app.

All their movements will be tracked and invoiced to your company.

Booking time2022-07-02T10:05:44+02:00

On the platform Ncc.it you can enter the services with an advance of five days from the date of the ride, however the system will start looking for your car immediately. This is because we want to make sure that drivers are really available, so as not to create disruption. As soon as the system has found a partner willing to do your run it will send you a notification on the app or an email in case you did not have our app installed on your device.


When you ask a last minute or scheduled journey, the system generates a pre-authorisation on the card you have entered in the payment methods, to protect Ncc.it and its partners from cancellation of journeys in a manner not in accordance with our cancellation policies.

Pre-authorization can be done on any type of card you have entered, credit card, debit or prepaid card.

The amount that is blocked, it is collected at the end of the journey but may undergo minor changes depending on the time and the way that is made to reach your destination.

In any case if the service will not be carried out by one of our partners the pre-authorisation will automatically expire after 7 days, which are counted from when you make the booking.

Refused payment2022-07-02T09:34:58+02:00

When you request a journey, the system checks and blocks the availability of the service amount with a pre-authorization. If the funds aren’t found in the credit or debit card, the process is interrupted and the journey cannot be booked.

Type of payment2022-07-02T10:01:33+02:00

When you are at the time of booking, you will need to enter or have a valid credit card already available in your account, this will allow you to have the choice to pay in advance by credit card or pay in cash directly to the driver at the end of the service.

I advise you that in any case the system will carry out a pre-authorisation of the amount equal to the cost of the journey. Where you have decided to pay in cash, the pre-authorisation will expire after two days after the service, without any kind of additional cost.

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