How advertising commissions are calculated

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  1. Registration fees        affiliate program

When you sign up for the first time in our affiliate program, you will immediately receive €10.00 bonus on your account and you can receive it when you will reach your first collection goal that you will choose from your profile.
You can choose to collect the commissions every time you reach €50 or €100.



  1. Sales commissions        sales-commission

Advertising fees changed depending on how the purchase is concluded and what type of product the customer has purchased.
A purchase eligible to generate a commission is when a customer arrives at the end of the procedure and the system recognizes the confirmation of the service reservation.

The commissions differ:

According to the products: Sedan, MPV and Luxury Sedan.
Based on the website hosting advertising

We will study your site during the account approval phase and if it meets our standards you can be placed in a different commission range:

Account type                           Traffic volume (Daily Users)

Default                                      < 1000

Silver                                         < 10.000

Gold                                           > 10.000

Below you can see the values ​​depending on account and product:



Class S















  1. Commission generated by sub accounts       subagents-commission

You will be able to create a network of sub agents in order to multiply your commissions exponentially, has provided three levels of accounts to make things even more profitable.

You will earn thanks to your affiliates extra commissions which are calculated as follows:

1 Level: + 2%

2 Level: + 2%

The system recognizes any user who performs an operation from one of your banners or links to our site. If that user sign up to our affiliate program within 7 days, he will automatically become your 1st level sub-affiliate, and you will have an increase of 2% in your sales commissions.

At the same time, users, who do the same on your 1st level sub users’ account, will become your 2nd level sub users.