1 How can I book a service?
You can contact us by mobile phone at 339-3797608 or at 0661561837 or send us an email at [email protected] alternatively you can download the ncc.it app from your Apple store or Google play.
2 Who can use Car Rental with driver Service?
Any individual aged 18 and over or otherwise minors with authorization issued to our offices by their parents.
3 Can I carry pets?
Yes, small animals as long as they are confined to their transport cages.
4 I have a domestic flight, at what time should the driver pick me up?
For domestic flights, airlines recommend that you be present at the airport at least one hour before the flight departs, we always calculate a maximum hour of travel in the city of Rome. So your driver will pick you up 2 hours before your flight departs.
5 I have an international flight. at what time should the driver pick me up?
For international flights, airlines recommend you to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight departure, we always calculate a maximum hour of travel in the city of Rome. So your driver will pick you up 3 hours before your flight departs.
6 Where can the driver bring me?
Our drivers can bring you to airports, stations, ports, destinations within the city, mountain resorts, seaside resorts, cities of art or other countries.
7 I need a car with driver for a week outside Rome, do you do it?
Among our services it often happens to carry out this type of activity, of course it cannot be improvised as we need to organize the availability of our drivers to drive (respecting the driving and rest times we evaluate to send one or two drivers ). In addition, before such a demanding journey car is always checked and brought to its maximum efficiency, exceeding normal maintenance standards.
8 Can I smoke on the way?
No, smoking is forbidden in all of our vehicles.
9 I am arriving at the airport / station / port, can you pick me up and take me home?
Yes, of course we need the flight / train / ship details to perform this type of service.
10 Is it possible to make an agreement with you?
Of course, most of our customers are private companies, multinationals or public bodies and we have ongoing business relationships with them.
11 Is it possible to have an invoice while I am in the car?
Our drivers cannot issue an invoice directly in the car, your driver can issue you a tax receipt or a generic taxi receipt directly at the end of the service, according to your needs. If you need an invoice, our administrative office is at your complete disposal you can contact it at 0661561837 or by email at [email protected] .
12 Is it possible to have an Rental with driver all day long to accompany me wherever I want?
Of course, this is one of the services we like the most! The hourly service ensures to customer the constant presence of his driver. We sell hourly packages with a total of km available, our operator will be able to give you all the most important information by contacting him at 0661561837 or at email address [email protected] .
13 When should I book the service?
We can insert services whenever we want, we always ask for a prior reservation of at least one day in order to better organize our fleet and not risk creating disservices for customers.
14 How can I pay for the service?
The service can be paid by cash to the driver, or by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.
15 Are there any additional charges for baggage or anything else?
No! When you buy a car service with ncc.it, you will not have any surprises, as before you go you will know the exactly amount you pay. The price is all-inclusive (Car, Driver, Fuel, any motorway tolls, taxes and it is intended per type of vehicle and not per person).
16 How much is the VAT for car services?
Our company will issue an invoice with 10% VAT.
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